Friday, September 19, 2014

I Need a New Butt! Libro bestseller goes to US and Canada

Dover Publications has just published the North American edition of Dawn McMillan and Ross Kinnaird's I Need a New Bum! The enlarged edition comes to the US as I Need a New Butt! with the necessary cultural adjustment on the title.

Dover is a leading children's publisher based in New York. Thanks to Jason Schneider, Steven Sussmann and all at Dover, and here's wishing you the success that Libro International has had with the book in NZ.
For more on the US edition, visit:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

North American distribution kicks off through International Publishers Marketing

The first Libro International books are now available in the US and Canada with the beginning of our distribution partnership with International Publishers Marketing (IPM).

Based in Dulles, Virgina, IPM is a well-known distributor with strong channels to market through bookstores, libraries and academic institutions. We're delighted to be working with Jane Graf and her fine team at IPM.

Follow this link to see more: IPM - Libro International

IPM is starting with 12 of our titles in its Fall 2014/Winter 2015 catalogue, and will follow up with a further 10 in March 2015. Here's what's available now:

The Story of Sir Peter Blake - Tessa Duder
Bullies & Warriors - Tim Tipene
Kura Toa - Tim Tipene
Patu - Tim Tipene
He Puna Iti i te Ao Mārama - Pā Henare Tate
From Silence to Voice - Paola Della Valle
Polynesian Navigation and the Discovery of New Zealand - Jeff Evans
Waka Taua - Jeff Evans
The Musket Wars - Ron Crosby
The Treaty of Waitangi - Ross Calman

Friday, September 5, 2014

Maori Weapons in the news

Maori Weapons in Pre-European New Zealand has sold well and got a good media response since publication on 21 August. Here's author Jeff Evans featured in yesterday's Western Leader, click here to read the article.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Maori Weapons - on sale from this Thursday

Maori Weapons
in Pre-European New Zealand

Jeff Evans

At a time of renewed interest in Maori martial arts, Maori Weapons serves as the ideal reference work.
Jeff Evans has collected all the available research to provide a full armoury of traditional Maori weapons in one concise volume. Maori Weapons provides cultural and technical information on the handmade weapons used by Maori, along with extensive photos and line drawings.
From the well-known taiaha and mere to the more obscure wahaika and maripi, this comprehensive guide will serve a range of students, practitioners and general readers.
This valuable book has been out of print for some time. Libro International will be releasing the new Maori Weapons on 21 August.

Praise for the first edition of Maori Weapons:
‘This book does a marvellous job of bringing together all the knowledge that could be gleaned from written sources on Maori weapons as objects of war’  – Dr Hirini Melbourne
 ‘A well-resourced and factual volume, supported by legends and slices of history’ – Daily Post

The author: Jeff Evans is a well-known writer and photographer who has authored a number of works relating to Maori canoes and warfare, including Polynesian Navigation and the Discovery of New Zealand, Nga Waka o Nehera: The first voyaging canoes and Waka Taua: The Maori War Canoe. Jeff lives with his family in Te Atatu, Auckland.
Release Date:  21 August 2014  |  ISBN: 978-1-877514-70-8  |  RRP $34.99
Paperback, 250 x 185 mm, 72 pages with illustrations
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Peter Dowling   027 6148993
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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kia Ora, the Italian documentary based on the book To the Gateways of Florence: New Zealand Forces in Tuscany 1944

In 1944 the New Zealand forces, with the Maori battalion, liberated Tuscany. Click on the link to watch the trailer of the Italian documentary Kia Ora, based on the book To the Gateways of Florence: New Zealand Forces in Tuscany 1944 published by Libro International. 

To the Gateways of Florence: New Zealand Forces in Tuscany 1944 
ISBN: 978-1-877514-23-4   | RRP $44.99
276 pages (20 colour), 12 contributors, 200 images

Click here to see this and other books by Libro International

Monday, July 28, 2014

A new history of the New Zealand Wars out tomorrow

A new history of the New Zealand Wars out tomorrow provides a compact introduction that readers of all ages can access.

The New Zealand Wars: A Brief History shows how these conflicts shaped the way race relations developed in New Zealand, though there was never a simple division in who fought whom.

‘There were professional British soldiers and barely trained settlers, while Maori fought on both sides depending on prior alliances and disputes,’ says author Matthew Wright.

And although they may seem distant, some of the causes of the conflicts are still manifest in modern New Zealand.

Matthew Wright
‘The wars finally came to an end not because the issues that drove them were resolved, but because both Maori and Pakeha were looking for different ways to settle their problems.

‘This is a process that continues today,’ Wright notes. ‘Some of the injustices           
that triggered the wars, and others that were generated by them, have still to be resolved.’

With clear and concise text, colour illustrations and maps, The New Zealand Wars outlines this core history for modern readers.

Release Date: 29 July 2014  |   ISBN: 978-1-877514-68-5  |  RRP $29.99
Paperback, 210 x 160 mm, 88 pages, full colour        

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The New Zealand Wars - A Brief History

The New Zealand Wars
A Brief History

Matthew Wright

The legacy of the New Zealand Wars is all around us, but for the most part we are ignorant of how it has shaped our society – and the remnants the conflict left on the landscape.

While the far-flung places where our soldiers fought in the World Wars are rightly commemorated and cared for, most of the New Zealand War sites have been neglected.

Today, many of the battle sites are half-forgotten, but we can still find them,’ says historian Matthew Wright. ‘We can stand where battles were fought — in a few cases, even within some of our towns and cities.’

From the first shots in the Bay of Islands (with its bullet-marked Christ Church in Russell) to the closing manoeuvres in the King Country, Wright sets out to clarify and characterise the
conflicts that raged from 1845 to 1872.

The New Zealand Wars brings to life this history in full colour, with the help of plentiful photos and maps. Readers of all ages will be able not only to understand this key part of our history, but also connect with the battle sites that remain – for the most part – hard to find.

The author: Matthew Wright is a prolific writer and historian who is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society at University College, London. His most recent work is the Bateman Illustrated History of New Zealand. He lives in Wellington.

Release Date:  29 July 2014  |  ISBN: 978-1-877514-68-5  | RRP $29.99
Paperback, 210 x 160 mm, 88 pages, full colour

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tim Tipene a star for Matariki

Children's author Tim Tipene will appear at the Ranui Library in West Auckland this Saturday 12 July as part of their Matariki (Māori New Year) programme. Get along to hear Tim in action. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Planting a seed for Brazilian-New Zealand relations

We were privileged to host Brazilian children’s book author Diego Albuquerque for a week-long author tour last week. 

Diego was visiting from his home in Rio de Janeiro to promote Snowy the Doganaut, the English edition of his classic picture book Branquinho, O Dognauta (illustrated by Felipe Vellozo, translated by Peter Dowling). Libro International has world English rights to the book, and it is now available at good bookstores for $19.99 (32 pages, full colour - with a few signed copies on the market now!).

Diego Albuquerque appeared at this year's Festa Junina event at the Centre Court cafe in Albany, reading to an enthusiastic audience of bilingual kids and parents.
Diego began his visit with a pōwhiri and talk at Thames South School, and went on to appear at an official launch at the Embassy of Brazil in Wellington, seminars at Victoria University of Wellington and the University of Auckland, a signing session at the Dorothy Butler Children’s Bookshop, readings at schools and an early childhood centre, and a special appearance at Brasileirinho’s Festa Junina festival in Albany.

At a cultural level this week was important - it’s apparently the first time a Brazilian author has been promoted by a New Zealand publisher. The visit was made possible by funding from Apex-Brasil, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, and helped by the Brazilian publisher, Gryphus Editora. Sincere thanks also to the Embassy of Brazil in Wellington, particularly Ambassador Eduardo Gradilone and Cultural Sector Adviser Karina Shaw, for their outstanding support.

At Victoria University: from left, Marco Sonzogni, Director, New Zealand Centre for Literary Translation; Peter Dowling, Publisher, Libro International; Diego Albuquerque; H.E. Eduardo Gradilone, Ambassador of Brazil.
Marco Sonzogni of Victoria University’s New Zealand Centre for Literary Translation aptly described Snowy as the planting of a seed for future links between South America and New Zealand. With small audiences for some events and difficulty getting the book into mainstream bookstores, it certainly felt like breaking ground for Diego and me during our tour.

But this is a seed we certainly hope to nurture with translations of more Latin American authors into English and promotion of New Zealand authors into Spanish and Portuguese. The enthusiasm of young readers especially provided the inspiration to do more.

Obrigado Diego – it was an amazing time with you in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Peter Dowling, Publisher

Reading Snowy the Doganaut at ABC Learning Centre in Auckland.
Jeremy Rose, Radio New Zealand National reporter, interviewing Diego for the Sunday programme, 
click here to listen to the interview.
Diego visited several schools in New Zealand. Here he is pictured in front of Thames South School where he was received with a traditional Maori welcome from the children (below)
A young reader devours the Portuguese edition at the Festa Junina in Albany, Auckland.
Diego at The Dorothy Butler Children's Bookshop, where he appeared for a book signing on Sunday 22 June

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Kiwi publisher brings Brazilian children’s classic to New Zealand

Rio de Janeiro author Diego Albuquerque lands in New Zealand on Monday 16 June to promote the English translation of his classic book Branquinho, O Dognauta by Auckland publisher Peter Dowling

Diego Albuquerque
As the World Cup focuses attention on Brazil, Auckland-based Libro International is celebrating the vibrant culture and writing of the great South American nation.

Published today, Snowy the Doganaut is the first English edition of a classic children’s book, written as a boy by Rio de Janeiro author Diego Albuquerque.

Peter Dowling    
Peter Dowling, who learned Portuguese in northeastern Brazil in 1990,translated the work after signing English rights from Rio-based publisher Gisela Zincone at last year’s Frankfurt Book Fair.
“New Zealanders and Brazilians share a sense of tolerance and openness,” he said. “Diego’s hilarious book shows young readers about accepting difference in others through the story of a strange dog from Pluto who comes to Rio in a UFO.                                                                                                            
“This bestselling book can showcase a little of Brazil’s rich culture, beyond the fabulous soccer and samba that will be on our TV screens for the next month."                                                                                                                                                              
Diego Albuquerque will be appearing at public events and in schools in Auckland, Wellington and the Waikato during his one-week visit.                                                        

Snowy the Doganaut will be officially launched at the Embassy of Brazil in Wellington on 19 June.

Snowy the Doganaut Diego Albuquerque Illustrated by Felipe Vellozo Translated by Peter Dowling
ISBN: 978-1-877514-62-3  |  32 pages, colour  |  RRP $19.99

To arrange any media coverage in English or Portuguese, contact:
Peter Dowling - 027 614 8993
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