Thursday, November 9, 2017

Special edition of I Need a New Bum! along with two funny favourites

Thames author Dawn McMIllan and Auckland illustrator Ross Kinnaird have been a winning books team for 15 years.

Their 2012 book I Need a New Bum! is among their biggest hits, selling over 50,000 copies in New Zealand, many more in Australia and the UK, and having US and Chinese editions.

Building on that success, this new collection brings together New Bum! with two popular stories that have been out of print for some time.

Seagull Sid and the naughty things his seagulls did! is the hilarious tale of the seagulls whose beach is slowly being ruined by littering humans and their messy sun cream. 

Sid and his seagull mates take desperate dive-bombing measures to reclaim their territory ....

Meanwhile in Doggy Doo on my Shoe, there's a terrible smell that's sticking around at home, in the classroom, even in a taxi.  Who’s to blame? And what to do when doggy doo gets on your shoe?

At $29.99 for three books in one, I Need a New Bum! and other stories is great value for laughs!  

Dawn McMillan is a writer who lives north of Thames. She has enjoyed many successful collaborations with Ross Kinnaird, an illustrator who lives in Birkenhead, Auckland. Among their recent successes are the bestselling Doctor Grundy’s Undies, last year’s Squeakopotamus and a new book for 2017, Charlie and his amazing tales.

Publication Date: 9 November 2017  |  ISBN: 978-0-947506-32-2 |  RRP $29.99
Paperback, 230 x 215 mm, 96 pages colour

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Vale Gordon Ogilvie

This obituary from the weekend's Press pays fitting tribute to the late Gordon Ogilvie.

Gordon was a wonderful man and a fine author who contributed in particular to a lively recording of Canterbury history. 

I had the privilege of working with him on a couple of books including an update of The Riddle of Richard Pearse, and he was a generous adviser in work on place names. 

Gordon's last book, Place Names of Banks Peninsula and the Port Hills, was published in August and is available from good bookstores or the Canterbury University Press website.

Peter Dowling

Monday, October 30, 2017

The Christmas cat returns

A new reprint of the moving Christmas tale, Holy Socks, is released today. It tells the story of a lost cat and the kindly man who saved it, seen through the eyes of a young girl, Christie.

One Christmas Eve, some years ago, a ginger kitten wandered along a street on the far side of town. 
He was hungry, and cold and wet.

Bertie McGinty finds the kitten and christens him Holy Socks. Soon the pair are inseparable. Even after Bertie’s death, Holy Socks sticks by his master and takes up home in the church near his grave. 
Captivated by Holy Socks as she sits in church, Christie calls out, ‘Can I keep the cat?’ Father John, by way of answer, tells everyone the story of Bertie and Socks.

With charming illustrations by Philip Webb, Dawn McMillan's story is a sweet tale for Christmas, with one irresistible cat at its heart.

Publication Date: 30 October 2017  |  ISBN: 978-0-947506-44-5 |  RRP $19.99
Paperback, 230 x 215 mm, 32 pages colour

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New book celebrates and profiles New Zealand's regions

When bringing up her children in New Zealand, Oratia's media director Alessandra Zecchini felt she could have used a book that introduced them to the country's regions. 

Having grown up in Italy, Alessandra couldn't answer some of their questions, so came up with the idea of a book that did - helping not only children but also adults new to New Zealand to understand its regional identities.

Oratia's publisher Peter Dowling and editorial director Carolyn Lagahetau set out to make the book – conceived as an easy guide that is suitable for children from age 10 up, and is in English simple enough for most immigrants and tourists to access. 

Regions of New Zealand is a colourful, large-format hardback that gives readers all the basics about the diverse geography and characteristics of the nation (see link,

Through maps, photos, fact boxes and simple text, the book takes readers on a tour from Northland to Southland, Tokelau to Antarctica.

Each region features in a spread of the book, with a colour map showing towns and features, summary text, photos illustrating key locations and tourist destinations, fact boxes and key info. 

In addition are sections on Māori regional relationships, early provincial divisions, outlying territories and study links.

Peter authored the book under Carolyn's editorial direction, with design by Cheryl Smith and input from a range of experts, official sources, proofreaders and photographers.

German children's book publisher Katja Korintenberg (left) gets a preview
of Regions of New Zealand with Peter Dowling at the recent Frankfurt Book Fair
Sales and marketing consultant Belinda Cooke is promoting Regions of New Zealand and can be reached for publicity enquiries on

Publication Date: 24 October 2017  |  ISBN: 978-0-947506-35-3 |  RRP $29.99
Hardback, 270 x 210 mm, 40 pages colour

Friday, October 20, 2017

Special launch of Charlie on NZ Bookshop Day

Special launch of Charlie on NZ Bookshop Day at Carson's Bookshop in Thames, Saturday 28th October at 11am. Meet the authors, Dawn McMilland and Ross Kinnaird, dress up your dog and bring it along to win a prize, and watch Ross draw cartoons live!

Saturday 28th October at 11am
Carson's Bookshop, 600 Pollen Street
Thames, New Zealand

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