Monday, May 18, 2009

Media Release

Media Release

Tim Tipene opens centre for Warrior Kids in Henderson and Titirangi publisher Libro International launches its publishing list

On Thursday 28 May Tim Tipene opens a new chapter in the story of his warrior kids programme: the new Kura Toa centre at Mihini Road, Henderson. The centre opening marks 15 years of Kura Toa and Warrior Kids in the community and schools of west Auckland. Tim is appreciative of the opportunity to have used his Toatoi warrior training to help turn around the lives of young people.

“It has been a privilege and an honour to have worked with thousands of children and their families in west Auckland,” Tim says. “Now that Kura Toa and Warrior Kids have their own space I’ll be able to continue that work and develop my Toatoi programmes further.”

Tim is a widely published author for children and young adults. His Kura Toa Warrior School (2004) is a stirring novel that follows the adolescent Haki as he rises to the challenge of becoming a warrior and serving his people.

Kura Toa also goes on sale once more from 28 May, brought back into print by publishers and consultants Oratia Media under their new Libro International books list. Established in 2008 by directors Peter Dowling and Alessandra Zecchini, Libro International is dedicated to producing quality books with local authors and illustrators for a global readership. The book business is based in Titirangi’s Lopdell House.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Tim to keep his books available to readers and look forward to further publishing with Kura Toa,” said Peter Dowling, Libro International’s publisher.

Libro is publishing several other Waitakere-based books in 2009. In August comes Outrageous Fortune: The West Family Album, with South Pacific Pictures – billed as the ultimate read for fans of the award-winning TV drama. The next month will bring a highly illustrated hardback in the shape of The Iron-Bound Coast: Karekare in the Early Years, by Wallace Badham, edited by Bob Harvey.

On Thursday 28 May from 4–6 pm Tim Tipene and Oratia Media will be hosting a party to celebrate the launch of the Kura Toa warrior school, and the reissue of Tim's book Kura Toa: Warrior School. Please contact Tim Tipene or Alessandra Zecchini for further information and to arrange coverage and photos:

Tim Tipene Alessandra Zecchini

09 810 8268 09 814 8993

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