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23 APRIL 2010

INDEPENDENT PUBLISHERS Oratia Media Ltd of Auckland, New Zealand and Blooming Twig Books of New York, USA, today signed a cooperation agreement that will greatly expand their respective reach and publishing capacity.

With immediate effect, Oratia Media will represent titles from Blooming Twig Books in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. Blooming Twig Books will represent titles from Oratia’s Libro International and Rock Your Life lists in the USA and Canada.

Both companies are to promote each other’s titles and will manage printing and distribution through print-on-demand and offset printing arrangements.

Oratia Media managing director Peter Dowling and Blooming Twig Books operating manager Kent Gustavson welcomed the announcement.

“Blooming Twig Books is an innovative young publisher that has many synergies with our publishing, with us both committed to children’s books, self-help and general non-fiction,” Dowling said.

“Having guaranteed North American distribution is a major plus for our authors and we look forward to working with Kent to maximise sales in bookstores as well as through Amazon and other online retailers, and to taking Blooming Twig Books’ titles to market Down Under.”

Gustavson anticipates great interest for the Oratia Media titles in the American market: “I am excited to have the chance to work with the diverse front and backlist that Oratia Media has to offer, and we are looking forward to reaching a new market in New Zealand and Australia.”

First releases in the Australasian market for Blooming Twig will be Dr John Molidor’s brilliant take on inter-generational mix-ups, Psycho Generations: How Each Generation Drives the Other Crazy and What You Can Do About It; and Jennifer Powers’ Oh Shift!, a hilarious guide to handling change in a rapidly changing world.

Blooming Twig will start with Libro International’s outrageous TV tie-in Outrageous Fortune: The West Family Guide and Tim Tipene’s classic junior novel Kura Toa, to be followed by the first two titles from the Rock Your Life series, Damian Milo’s Recession-Proof Your Life and Mike Handcock’s What if you were God?


Oratia Media is a publishing and communications services company with bases in Auckland, New Zealand and Brescia, Italy. Its book division, Libro International, publishes quality children’s, history, Maori studies, business and general nonfiction titles, and it is launching a comprehensive self-help series this year in association with Rock Your Life.

ABOUT BLOOMING TWIG BOOKS - • Blooming Twig Books is a publishing company located in New York, specialising in creative new titles in several genres, including motivation, business, psychology, children’s, history and general nonfiction.

For further information contact:

Kent Gustavson

Blooming Twig Books, PO Box 4668 #66675, New York, NY 10163-4668, USA

Tel: +1 866 389 4668 Email:

Peter Dowling

Oratia Media, 783 West Coast Road, Oratia, Auckland 0604, NZ

& Via A. de Gasperi 2B, 25047 Darfo Boario (BS), Italy

Tel: +64 27 6148993 / +39 345 0936547 Email:

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