Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bullies and Warriors

M E D I A    R E L E A S E
09 July 2012

Bullies and Warriors
Tim Tipene                                                                                 

Helping kids find a way through bullying
At a time when bullying is causing growing debate
and concern, a junior novel out on 16 July addresses
it head-on and helps kids to deal with the issue. 

Tim Tipene has taken the unusual step of revising his
2006 novel Warrior Kids so as to focus on the bullying
issue, and has given it a new title - Bullies and Warriors.

The novel, aimed at 8–12 year-olds, tells the story of Sean, for whom going to school is a misery because of bully Mark Thomas. Then the students join Warrior Kids, a programme that teaches leadership and self-control. So begins a journey for Mark and Sean that has a predictable outcome for one boy and a surprise for the other.
Tim Tipene plays a part in the novel himself, as the leader of Warrior Kids. He is not only an award-winning children’s author, but works as a youth and self-defence counsellor. 
Release Date:  18 July 2012  | ISBN: 978-1-877514-14-2   | RRP $24.99
98 pages

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