Friday, October 26, 2012

New Zealand Tattoo is launched

Yesterday was a memorable evening as Libro International launched New Zealand Tattoo at a huge event at Real Groovy in central Auckland.

Many of the tattooists and models featured in the book were there to celebrate the launch of this, the first book on contemporary New Zealand tattooing in almost 20 years. Our thanks and appreciation to all who supported the book, and especially to tattooing legend Merv O'Connor who spoke on behalf of the tattooists to support the launch. 

Photographer Chris Hoult and writer Steve Forbes were kept busy signing books after the formalities, with a great response to the book. Cheers to Marty O'Donnell and his team at Real Groovy for hosting the event - they have the book on special for $65 for a limited period. 

@ Real Groovy
the authors, Merv and Peter Dowling
what a wonderful book!
busy signing

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