Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ten more Libro books now available in North America

North American distributor Casemate-IPM has just released ten more of our books in their Spring-Summer 2015 catalogue.

Customers in the USA and Canada can order any of the following through Casemate-IPM:

Favourite Māori Legends   A.W. Reed
Like Them That Dream   Bronwyn Elsmore
Maori Weapons   Jeff Evans
Out on the Water   Tessa Duder
Snowy the Doganaut   Diego Albuquerque
Te Ara   Paul Tapsell & Krzysztof Pfeiffer
The Last Maopo   Tania Simpson
The New Zealand Wars   Matthew Wright
To the Gateways of Florence   Stefano Fusi (ed)  
Warrior Kids   Tim Tipene

To locate these and our other books available in North America, go to:

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