Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Squeakopotamus about to make a huge entrance

Squeakopotamus will make a big impact on bookshelves from 6 October.

The giant pet, a perplexing cross between a hippopotamus and a mouse, is the latest creation from Thames-based author Dawn McMillan and Auckland illustrator Ross Kinnaird.

The pair have created some of New Zealand's most-loved and maddest picture books over the years, including Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms?, Woolly Wally, I Need a New Bum!  and Doctor Grundy's Undies.

Squeakopotamus tells the story of this oversized creature that comes to stay with a normal-sized family:
Is he a hippo that 
looks like a mouse?
Or is he a mouse
too big for this house? 

Squeakopotamus is a fun pet, but his size means that Mum wants him to go. How can the kids get him to stay?

On sale from tomorrow at good booksellers everywhere, Squeakopotamus (ISBN 978-0-947506-11-7) is a full-colour 32-page picture book suitable for readers aged four and over. 

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