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Saving Globalization, by Mike Moore

Saving Globalization: Why Globalization and Democracy Offer the Best Hope for Progress, Peace and Development
ISBN: 978-0-470-82503-7
320 pages
September 2009

Congratulations to Mike Moore on the release of
Saving Globalization. Oratia Media provided editorial consultancy in the manuscript stages of the project.

Globalization is not new, nor is it a policy, it’s a process that has existed as long as man looked over the horizon, travelled and traded. It can’t be stopped but it can be slowed. It came to a grinding halt in August 1914 and the Marxist detour cost millions of lives and lost three generations their opportunity and hope in many countries. More wealth has been created in the past 60 years than in all of history. After the most successful decade of sustained economic growth in history, this progress is threatened.

Extreme inequality, corruption and environmental degradation threaten the stability and legitimacy of many developing countries’ regimes. Anti-globalization and anti-capitalist campaigners’ confidence has been emboldened due to the present economic crisis. Protectionist rhetoric is growing as are the arguments to control and regulate markets. Leaders are meeting to discuss how to face these problems and create a new international architecture. How did we get to this position? What should we do? What is it that determines why some contemporary states are successful while others have failed?

Saving Globalization departs from its analysis of the globalised economy in the twenty-first century to answer these question by tracing the development of what Moore considers to be ‘the big ideas of history’: democracy, independent courts, the separation of church and state, property rights, independent courts, a professional civil service, and civil society. Democratic capitalism has worked for most people. Why? It is a remarkable story, from the Greeks to the Geeks, encompassing technological progress and the corrections and contradictions between liberty and equality, technology, growth and the environment. In defence of the many virtues and opportunities that globalisation offers, Mike Moore makes the case for a fresh and new approach to our international Institutions and for domestic policies that promote equity and fairness.

The book controversially attacks the new enemies of reason and evidence. The threats now come from all sides, especially workers in developed countries who fear for their jobs. Mike Moore is a political practitioner turned theoretician.

About the author: Michael Kenneth Moore ONZ (known as Mike Moore, born 28 January 1949) is a politician from New Zealand who has served both as Prime Minister of New Zealand and Director-General of the World Trade Organization.

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First To Care

Media release

22 October 2009

Landmark history launched today in Christchurch

A landmark history of St John is being launched today on the site where the organisation was founded in New Zealand in 1885.

First to Care: 125 Years of the Order of St John in New Zealand, 1885–2010 brings to life the history of one of our most ubiquitous and vital charitable organisations.

The book launch, at St Mary's church hall in Merivale, Christchurch, kicks off the 125th anniversary year celebrations of St John in New Zealand.

Author Graeme Hunt unearths new information about the founding of the former St John Ambulance Association in 1885, the creation of its complementary arm, the former St John Ambulance Brigade, in 1892, and the development of what is now one of the country’s leading healthcare organisations.

The heavily illustrated book provides a vivid account of public-spiritedness, enterprise and innovation by people involved in St John over the past 125 years, peppered with occasional disputes and setbacks along the way.

St John chief executive Jaimes Wood said First to Care was not only a frank account of the first 125 years of St John in New Zealand but also a social history of the role of an iconic organisation in national life.

“From Graeme Hunt’s history we see how St John developed into a dynamic organisation capable of serving the needs or a varied and demanding community.

“The challenges St John faced in 1885 –– developing a strong organisation drawing on the collective skills of volunteers and paid staff, working with governments and healthcare providers and winning the hearts and minds of the public –– are those we face today.

“Graeme has identified the ability of St John to meet the challenges and adapt to a changing world. The book is an important part of explaining where we came from, where we are and where we are going.”

Graeme Hunt said St John had gone through many changes since 1885 but remained true to its twin international mottos, Pro fide (for the faith) and Pro utilitate hominum (for the service of humanity).

“St John invented and popularised ‘first aid’ as we know it. It provided medical assistance from the sidelines of our sports fields from as early as 1891 and it played a leading role in disaster relief from its formative days. From humble beginnings it established a nationwide ambulance service that today is the envy of the St John fraternity worldwide.

“In 1885 St John’s success depended heavily on the service of volunteers –– ordinary New Zealanders who gave up their spare time to serve their fellow citizens. Today volunteers remain crucial to the success of the wide range of services St John offers.”


First to Care: 125 Years of the Order of St John in New Zealand, 1885–2010

ISBN 978–1–877514–03–6

Format: 344 pages, trade paperback

Author: Graeme Hunt

Publishers: Libro International, an imprint of Oratia Media Ltd, Auckland, and Waddington Press Ltd, Auckland, for the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem and

Recommended retail price: $60

Graeme Hunt is available for interviews.

Publishing and distribution queries should be directed to Peter Dowling, Libro International, at 09 817 2951 or 027 614 8993. Note the book will not be released officially until 23 October 2009.

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Support the Karekare Surf Lifesaving Club

Buy your copy of The Iron-Bound Coast at $55 a copy (normal retail price $60)

from the Karekare Surf Lifesaving Club

Contact: Phil Parks, ph: 8128911,

Karel Witten-Hannah, ph: 8128863

Shalema Wanden-Hannay, ph: 8128788,,
1 Karekare Rd, Karekare, Waitakere City


A New Zealand publishing gem, The Iron-Bound Coast was destined to disappear without a trace until, following a chance meeting shortly before his death, Wally Badham entrusted it to Bob Harvey.
Now readers can discover the rare yarn-telling talents of Badham, who died in 2001, together with stunning photos that conjure up the Karekare coast in a time when the world was young.
Beautifully printed in a hardback edition of 200 pages, with 215 rarely seen photos, this book is a must for anyone who loves Karekare.

The Iron-Bound Coast is a rare book discovered by Waitakere City Mayor Bob Harvey while researching Auckland’s spectacular west coast. Wally Badham set out to preserve his crystal-clear memories of early Karekare for his nieces, but has created a work of living history that speaks to all New Zealanders. Bob recalls his excitement on discovering The Iron-Bound Coast:
I realised this is truly a rich gem, a legacy of not only remote Karekare beach, but a grand story of this country. Wally speaks in a voice that reflects the time; a time that is now rapidly fading in memory and people.

The Karekare Surf Lifesaving Club warmly invites you to a book night in the Club on Sunday the 25th of October at 7.00pm. Cash bar & book sales.
Speakers: Bob Harvey on The Iron-Bound Coast
Ted Scott on his book Spirit of the West

Entry: Koha/Donation to the Club’s NEW BUILDING FUND

Memoirs and Kiwi ingenuity

Read the review of The Iron-Bound Coast: Karekare in the Early Years

on the NZ Book Month blog.
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