Thursday, April 23, 2015

Te Hokowhitu a Tu on Radio Live this Anzac Day

The Bookman Graham Beattie will be talking to Mark Sainsbury about the new edition of Christopher Pugsley's Te Hokowhitu a Tu: The Maori Pioneer Battalion in the First World War on Radio Live this Saturday, Anzac Day morning. 
You can also listen to Christopher Pugsley's brilliant account of the Gallipoli campaign in last week's interview on Radio New Zealand's Saturday Morning show here.

Historian Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Christopher Pugsley is also the author of Gallipoli: The New Zealand Story (also a Libro International book), a brilliant and moving account of this defining campaign of the First World War, told through the eyes of those who fought and died in the unsuccessful effort to seize the Dardanelles from Turkey.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Te Hokowhitu a Tu publication will complement Te Papa Gallipoli exhibition

The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa is preparing to launch its Gallipoli: The Scale of War exhibition on 18 April.

That comes two days after we will publish the new edition of Christopher Pugsley's Te Hokowhitu a Tu: The Maori Pioneer Battalion in the First World War.

Gallipoli: The Scale of War includes a significant section about the Pioneer Battalion, and what is more Christopher has been the principal historian for Te Papa's exhibition.

To see more about the Maori component of the exhibition, including commentary from Christopher, see Episode 3 in Te Papa's Building Gallipoli videos:

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