Monday, September 16, 2013

Libro International buys rights to Brazilian children’s classic

English edition of Branquinho, O Dognauta to be published in 2014. 

Libro International will publish the first English edition of Branquinho, O Dognauta, a classic of Brazilian children’s literature, in mid-2014.
Independent publisher Gryphus Editora of Rio de Janeiro agreed the rights deal this August with Oratia Media, the publisher of Libro International books.
Diego d’Alberqueque’s story tells of an amazing white dog who comes to Earth in a flying saucer. This alien canine has ears where he should have eyes, and eyes in the back of his head – but he wins the love of a young boy. Here the adventure begins …
First published in 1982, Branquinho, O Dognauta has remained in print and sold tens of thousands of copies in Brazil. Gryphus publisher Gisela Zincone issued the sixth edition in 2011, with illustrations by Felipe Vellozo.
“Diego wrote this book when he was eight,” Zincone said. “Almost 30 years after, the book remains fresh and contemporary. It tells a beautiful story about accepting differences while it makes us think about the impact of science and technology in our lives.”
The book will be on the New Zealand stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair from 9–13 October.
“Last year New Zealand was country of honour at Frankfurt, this year’s it’s Brazil’s turn,” commented Peter Dowling of Oratia Media.“We’ll use this platform to promote Branquinho and develop more projects between New Zealand and Brazilian authors and publishers.”
Dowling, who speaks Brazilian Portuguese, will oversee the translation – with the confirmed English title to be revealed at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Branquinho, O Dognauta           
Diego D’Albuquerque, illustrated by Felipe Vellozo; translated by Peter Dowling
ISBN: 978-1-877514-62-3                  NZ$16.99 / 200 x 200 mm/ PB / 24 pp / colour

For further information, contact:
Isabell Zitzelsberger  022 156 7470
Libro International, a division of Oratia Media   |
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