Monday, March 25, 2013

International orders possible through Lightning Source

International customers can order a growing number of Libro International books through print-on-demand supplier Lightning Source. Orders can be placed at and supplied from its printing facilities in Milton Keynes, UK or Melbourne, Australia. 

The print-on-demand technology is ideal for black & white, paperback books. 

Titles currently available through

Titles currently available through
Polynesian Navigation and the Discovery of New Zealand - Jeff Evans (ISBN 978-1-877514-15-9)
Nga Waka o Nehera: The first voyaging canoes - Jeff Evans (978-1-877514-04-3)
From Silence to Voice: The rise of Maori literature - Paola della Valle (978-1-877514-11-1) 
Bullies & Warriors - Tim Tipene (978-1-877514-14-2)

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