Monday, July 1, 2024

From Hawai'i to Aotearoa, new book shares the joy of Pacific toes in English and Samoan

Island Toes
Tamatama'i Vae o Motu

Christin Lozano
Illustrated by Mariko Merritt
Translated by Suzie-Jo Rasmussen

Toes are toes wherever you go, but toes around the Pacific Islands have even more things in common. 


They may be flipper toes or jandal toes, clean toes or highchair toes, snorkel toes or swimming underway toes — all around the Pacific, you know that you have island toes. 

This colourfully illustrated book takes young readers on a journey around the South Pacific — no shoes needed! 

First published in Hawai’i by Bess Press, Island Toes now reaches the South Pacific in Samoan as well as New Zealand English. 

Auckland teacher Suzie-Jo Rasmussen completed the Samoan translation for this, the newest addition to Oratia’s Moana Oceania series of books about the Pacific. 

And in honour of its US origins, the book is publishing on 4 July.

The authors

Christin Lozano began her career as a teacher and then became a children’s librarian. Having read hundreds of stories about kids in other places themes, she decided to write her own story for Pacific children.  A long-term resident of Hawai’i, Christin now lives in San Diego.

Mariko Merritt is a Hawaiian artist, book illustrator and graphic designer. Mariko works in a Honolulu bookshop, while making art, ceramics and picture books.

Suzie-Jo Rasmussen is an ESOL/bilingual specialist teacher. A resident of Oratia, Auckland, Suzie has been translating books and creating Samoan resources for children in bilingual education for more than 20 years. 

Publication: 4 July 2024 | ISBN: 978-1-99-004245-4 | RRP $21.00

Paperback, 230 x 215 mm portrait, 32 pages, colour

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